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GMassis a cold (unsolicited)email marketing service and mail-merge tool that works within the Gmail platform. The service purports to help businesses increase their open rates by making email outreach campaigns easy to manage from your Google inbox.

In the past, GMass’ platform has been popular with bloggers and recruiters. Butthanks to recent upgrades, GMass hopes to expand its clientele to email marketers and sales professionals seeking to run their campaigns from the comfort of a Gmail inbox.

In this GMass review, we’ll cover their:

  • Main features (including 2021 updates)
  • Pros and cons
  • 2021 pricing model

Table of Contents

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What is GMass?

GMass is an intuitive email marketing software that allows you to launch email campaigns via Gmail. It’s ideal for businesses that want to simplify their workflow and improve the speed and reach of their marketing campaigns. GMass has tools for the easy integration of email marketing campaigns in Gmail. With it, you can bypass Gmail’s send limit and send content to as many desired recipients. Its seamless integration with Google Sheets allows you to send emails to a particular set of target markets in just a click. It also provides access to tools for scheduling and personalizing. Advanced tools for the tracking of active clicks and opened emails are also available. With GMass, you’ll have access to features that enable the sending of mass emails based on searches. Its nifty tool is its thread set-up. All consecutive email campaigns are not sent as individual emails but as a reply to the last message.

GMass features.

  • Gmail Compose Window
  • Preview Mode
  • Google Sheets Integrations
  • Scheduling
  • Unsubscribe Link
  • Reports
  • Email List Builder
  • Automatic Follow-up Emails
  • Behaviour-based Campaigns
  • Reply Management
  • No Sending Limit
  • New Messages vs Replies

Before we review Gmass’ pros and cons, let’s get a feel for their main features.

GMass Benefits.

The main benefits of GMass are seamless automation, improved workflow, advanced analytics, full customization, and increased lead generation.

Seamless Automation:

GMasshas specialized tools for email automation. All campaigns can be scheduled, timed, and monitored. You even have the option to activate automated follow-ups that allow for the sending of separate and timed emails until a reply is received.

Improved Workflow:

The easy integration of email marketing campaigns with Gmail avoids delays. All active campaigns can be monitored in one active existing account. No new email servers are needed to bypass Gmail’s outgoing email quota.

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Advanced Analytics:

GMass provides tools for the robust monitoring of campaigns even through emails sent via Gmail. All users can monitor the number of clicks that each active campaign receives. A report as to whether an email was opened or not is also provided. All data are accessible in real-time. It can also automatically detect names.

Full Customization:

You can fully control your campaigns through Google Sheets integration. Addresses can be personalized and adjusted. In addition, fallback values can be utilized.

Increased Lead Generation:

Intuitive GMass tools generate more leads as it does not flood recipients. Upon initial contact, all future email campaigns are sent as replies to previous messages. Thus, a sense of community that puts prime in personalization, control, and respect can be easily created. This article onemail marketing softwarecan give you more insights into such tools.

Customer Support.

GMass is a fairly simple platform that performs a handful of tasks well (so long as you only need Gmail for your marketing campaign). But if you run into trouble, you can turn to their online helpdesk full of updatedblogsandFAQs.

Alternatively, you can contact customer support via their email or ticketing systems. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, GMass does not offer phone or live support of any kind.

GMass Pros.

Despite GMass’ ease of use, this mail merge platform is designed to maximize Google’s outbound email system – a hefty advantage for Gmail users.

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Quick Email Composition:

GMass makes it easy to compose emails. Just open up Gmail’s compose box, add text and inline images or attachments, and hit send.

Accessible Email Lists:

When you first download GMass, the software trawls previous conversations and adds recipients to a Google Sheet. You can also use Gmail’s search feature to find specific conversations and compose a message to only those addressees. GMass even offers a built-in verifier to ensure you’re sending emails to live accounts.

Easy (But Simple) Automation:

GMass’ automation features are easy to use, though not expansive. For example, you can schedule and monitor your email campaigns, activate automated follow-ups until you receive a reply, and send personalized responses. You can also automate your Google Sheets to receive data from your analytics dashboard in real-time.

Email Campaigns as Replies:

If you receive replies to your email campaigns, you can compose one message with personalized variables (such as a greeting and sign-off) and send it in bulk as your response. This boosts your engagement by making your recipients feel like you wrote your email just for them – while saving you time in the process.

Enhanced Distribution:

Gmail imposes outbound email limits of 500 per day for regular accounts or 2,000 per day with Google Suite. But GMass uses its own servers to route emails to your recipients – which means you can boost your email output to 10,000per day (without getting in trouble with Google!).

GMass Cons.

Of course, no platform is without its downsides – and GMass is no exception.

Chrome Extension Only Works with Gmail:

This downside is a double-whammy: GMass only works with Gmail’s system as a Gmail-based service, which means Gmail’s basic email composition constraints bind you. Additionally, as a Chrome-only extension, you must work entirely within Google’s system to use GMass.

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No A/B Testing:

A/B testing is a fairly standard offering in today’semail marketingclimate – but unfortunately, GMass doesn’t offer this basic service.


Creating your own templates is possible by designing an email with text, images, and attachments. However, GMass comes with no included templates to make your email marketing process faster. Plus, you can only save email templates that are fully supported by Google mailbox.


GMass is also sorely and unusually lacking in the integrations department. The only “integration” is Google Sheets, which you use to develop and manage your recipient list.


GMass’ analytics dashboard is fairly standard in what it shows. And though it does offer a unique web-based report – with no login required– the URL is publicand thus accessible to anyone. While this makes it easy to share your analytics, it still means that anyone with your URL can view your data anytime.

Pricing 2021.

GMass now offers two basic pricing tiers (their former “Minimal Plan” has beendiscontinued). You can pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

Users get unlimited use and access to all features exceptfor sequence and follow-up abilities with the Standard plan. This plan starts at $12.95 per month or $129 annually for an individual.

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Premium comes with all of GMass’ features and starts at $19.95 per month. You can also bundle a team of five members together started at $89 per month. (Team packages are only available at the Premium tier.)

Is This Bulk Email Marketing System Worth It?

GMass is an email marketing Gmail extension that only works in Chrome and only offers one integration: Google Sheets. As such, if you’re not a Gmail-based marketer, investing in this software isn’t just a bad move; it won’t work at all.

But if you’re a Gmail-based outbound marketer who wants to boost your send rate, increase engagement, and maximize your Gmail account with a simple, easy-to-use platform, then GMass offers robust tools at a solid price.


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